Childdrum is a Group of 7 Friends from various styles of music combined together to create innovative, pure & mind blowing Music for music lovers all around the world.

History of Childdrum
Childdrum is an audio and visual production unit, was initially found 2005 April by Thanweer, Rushard, Careem and John, with the first born Track as Aadaree Namayen. all from various styles and groups and immediately joined forces with another talented set of individuals Gayan, Chathura, & Dunesh all of whom were in their own right talented musicians in singing and in instruments, powerful talent unrecognized in the industry at that time.
Childdrum strongly believes that only talented people should come and remain in this industry, because music is a universal language and it was found by humans to express emotions when words are hard to come by.

Our mission | to be the pioneer in sri lanka’s music industry.
Our vision | to define music in it’s original terms.

About Childdrum Productions
WE DO Commericial Songs, Movie Songs and background Scoring, Music Composing & Arrangement for Musicians,TV, Radio & Film, Audio Recording, Mixing and Mastering, Lyrics Writing, Script Writing, Video Productions and Visual Designing.

Every child holds a childdrum in there hands when they are little and they use that child drum to convey massages to the guardians when they can’t speak. So by that term every child is a musician in there child hood, that is the root of music because that’s where every beat and melody is born.

  Thanweer Qishor
talented musician capable of Visual Directing and composing any track of any style. Zahirian and artist, born with natural talent for arts and music he is one of the main pillars in the band Childdrum.
  M Rushad
Another dedicated Zahirian talented with the gift of composing and directing innovative tracks. All of the tracks done by childdrum were composed by thanweer and rushard. Their combination in creating tracks is the power behind Childdrum.
  John S. Perera He has the capability of composing very strong and catchy melodies that takes childdrum music to a different platform with his born talent with the magic touch in his fingers when he plays the keyboard and guitar, also with an incomparable powerful voice and creative lyricist, St. Anthonian Wattala   Irshan Careem
Jovial, funny and a talented Artist. Childdrum most essential task of coordinating, Visual Directing and designing is carried out by this Zahirian. He is the main reason for Childdrum to enter the limelight in media. and his designing capabilities are second to none
Gayan Dilruk
The vocalist with the sweet voice with the power to bend any persons ears towards the song. Another St. Anthonian Wattala with born talent to spread the value of pure music through his voice
Chathura Perera
rap Artist second to none in the industry. His capabilities to create lyrics and talent for rap vocals has been a major inspiration to the band Childdrum
and its success. A past pupil of Badulla Central his talents are also as the other s granted to him by from birth
  Dunesh Thrikawala
Powerful vocalis rhythm & Lead guitarist another essential part of Childdrum His Talent can be seen in most of the tracks created by Childdrum A student from D.S Senanayake Col. his natural born talents were inspired and polished by his school & can be stated as an innovative talent for music creation
Our Aim is to be a band that provides real music to real music lovers and show what
pure Sri lankan talent feels like.