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Gee Rawe is the title track of our debute album which is the name of the album too, this song was composed few year back by childdrum in initialy was givan to YFM as a
Gee Rawe song is all about music and we tried our best to depict the image of music through this visual, music in the sence, it is a phenomenon which cannot be seen or explained but only can be felt, so in this video we have used our model Hansi Perera as the icon of music. as she pases through the scenes what we tried to depict was she is that phenomenon which cannot be seen or explained through naked eye or by use of words

This Video

Produced by: Childdrum Productions
Directed by: Qishor, Careem and Rushad
Concept by: Thanweer Qishor
Edited by: Max Soluction
Special Effect Directed by: Irshan Careem

We Thank

Ayanthi akka to giving an oppertunity for stepping into the industry with this track, Rangana (The Hilmi Studio) for giving a perfect mixdown,Terence and Fazim from Black Beatz and Rashan for being with us as a strength, our camera crew - Shagi n the team (C Pixel media) and DIL Films crew, Mudhitha (Mudith Saloon) for the Makeup, our editors Krishan, Hashan, Pramodha - StudioMX @ Max Solutions, Thanks for our model Hansi, Junaid Textiles Kandy who provided models costume also Hirunika and Imalka for giving a big support!